Passion, intelligence and creativity are our bywords. Nothing is impossible, we’ve tried to push back the limits, believe in the incredible, and create something that nobody considered possible, obtaining a zero alcohol pure wine, without additives, flavors or stabilizers, a product created totally from wine.

We are proud to announce and present the first wines that have 0% alcohol content, are 100% pure and bear the Halal certification.
LUSSORY has arrived as a unique, unrepeatable wine.

For this reason, a vineyard or an area with outstanding characteristics is chosen. These small high-quality batches and our exacting, unique care give grapes that, with the skill and wisdom of the author or creator, lead from a painstaking, long process to ultimately become the dream of an incomparable wine.
These wines reflect the personality of the wine producer who plays the role of the conductor of an orchestra formed by a reduced number of individuals all working with devotion and passion to make the dream a reality.

Our ultimate secret is a new-patented dealcoholisation system that allows us to obtain a one hundred percent pure wine, but alcohol free.
These are limited, exclusive editions to ensure the best quality and intensity of the wine.

LUSSORY represents the pinnacle of our wine tasters achievements.